Monday, February 25, 2008



Bekah said...

J says I've been gone too long when a filthy sign keeps disgusts me to the point where I wouldn't eat raw fish sold at that place.

Mariko said...

It's a filthy sign, but the fish is pretty fresh. Really. It's better than Tamura's, which is known for their poke.
The only thing I never understand about this is that they make you pay for the rice, plus they usually weigh the poke price when they've already got the rice in it. At least they've done that to me, and they don't get what I mean when I tried to complain about it.

adam said...

Limu poke. It's that crunchy limu that makes it feel kind of healthy. Doesn't seem like it could be sanitary sitting out there all day but it is so popular these days I bet they make two or three batches a day. And at the price they sell it they must get it from some local fishers.