Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A typical morning in the Palmer household in Santa Cruz

5:45/6:00 Chris leaves to go surfing and brings Enzo a bottle.
7:00am Enzo wakes up and starts jumping on top of me
7:05 Enzo stops jumping and goes to his room to get some books
7:05 and 1/2 he's returned with books and starts throwing them on my face.
7:10 after being abused by baby I finally get out of bed.
7:11 change Enzo. Every morning I regeret dearly that I didn't get up when he got up and changed his diaper right away because now his jammies have absorbed the pee from his diaper.
7:12 I pop in the same sesame street video for Enzo to watch. I always feel guilty because he's seen the same video a trillion times and I try to convince myself that today is the day that I'll go to the library and get some new ones.
7:15-7:45 Enzo watches his video I continue to wake up, get dressed, brush teeth....
7:45 we go downstairs for breakfast
8:00ish Chris comes home from surfing, Enzo is super duper excited to see him, decides daddy is way cooler than breakfast and leaves his cereal in his bowl to become mush.
8:10 Chris has taken a quick shower and is now downstairs feeding mush to Enzo.

but today.....
6:00 Chris got Enzo the bottle but did not go surfing
7:00 Chris woke up and baked scones for his class
8:00 Enzo and I woke up (he slept in because he went to bed at 10:00 last night)
8:01.... I won't give you minute by minute detail of the rest of the morning but seriously from 8:00-9:00am Chris was grumpy. I don't mean grumpy I mean totally and utterly upset. He printed out his article that he "had" to read before class, kept complaining that responsibility is over rated, kept interrupting his reading with comments about how Anthropolgy is this and that.... He got very little read, came back upstairs checked the surf report screamed. Screaming when he checks the surf report is pretty common. Was totally ticked that the surf was good and made the absolute worse decision in his life to be responsible and read before class and bake scones since it was his day to take food and left the house in the worse mood I've seen in a long time. I tried to take him very seriously as I could sense that this was an urgent matter but as soon as he left I laughed. It's so obvious why he's so dang concentrated on his work at night when he has to get things done, because he can not miss a surf session at the expense of yet another reading. How on earth is he going to survive 2 weeks in Sao Paulo next month?


Karen said...

damaris: i am fascinated with your report. all the details. blog therapy. please tell me more about sao paolo. miss you all, though the pictures totally help.

Pamela Palmer said...

I'm interested in surf therapy. I think we all need to take it up.

Mariko said...

Yeah. Jake is like that, except worse. It's a silent bad mood. It's an "I hate everyone and everything" bad mood, when there is no surfing that day. That's why I decided long ago that he needed to surf as much as possible, even if other people think that I am being too nice when I let him. Really, I'm being nice to myself, because I get a husband when he gets back, not a growling lump of feel sorry for myself.
I do wish that he was more of a morning person, like Christian. Apparently Amaya believes that she is now a morning person, in addition to being a night person. She goes to bed at 9, wakes up at 6 (not to mention the bottle she receives at 4 am). What is UP WITH THAT?! She babbles in bed, says things like "soft, soft" and touches my face, and then starts kicking Jake and I. If I take her off the bed she cries and puts herself back up. It's especially annoying because I had been waking up to go running, but now I can't. ARGH!
I don't know how to do it yet, but do you want me to burn you my old school Sesame Street episodes? I have 11 episodes. They're the classics, so more staying power, I think.

Damaris said...

Today is Thursday...Chris went surfing this morning. We are back on track

christian said...

I think Damaris forgets that I read the blog. Jake probably does to. The facts are slightly biased but I guess we're all entitled to our own perspectives. That said, surfing does make me a happier person.

laffiet said...

Hi D & C....a road bike has a quick feel. Faster since tires offer low resist. Rider position is aero. Takes more planning & attention to surroundings if you get into it. Mtb bike is more forgiving. Don't get overly narcissistic. See you next week.

laffiet said...

C & D...just read your blog. A road bike can be just as healing as surfing. A more mechanical feel since you are in control of the moving parts. You have to pay attention to tires, tubes, brakes, etc. You don't bail well from a bike. It's a bit narcissistic also. See you next week.