Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy 92nd Birthday Mimi!

I have always been proud to be named after my grandma Mimi. My mom says that I am like her in some ways. I hope that is true. I love and admire Mimi for so many reasons. Here are ten (in no particular order).

1. She taught me how to play Scrabble.
2. She has an awesome relationship with Grandpa that we can all look up to and try to emulate.
3. She has ten kids and managed to stay sane and intelligent and gorgeous. (I only have two and I've lost it all.)
4. She writes poetry.
5. She makes good bread, pies, pomegranite salad, etc.
6. She is generous.
7. She's good company and tells good stories.
8. She is faithful and strong in the gospel (still reading the Sunday school lessons and commenting in class).
9. She taught me to be frugal.
10. She is adventurous. Not only did she travel the world with Grandpa, but according to the slides she wasn't afraid to take the kids on roadtrips all over and she's still going to Hawaii and swimming at the beach!

I love you Mimi and hope you had a good birthday.
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Yesenia said...


i feel so blessed to be one of your grandkids! you are so fun and so full of life, i really admire you! i will never forget all of the adventures that we've had (i.e. the airport with me pushing you on the wheelchair and you pushing the walker, trying REALLY hard not to bump into anyone!) Thanks for being so smart and always helping me with my homework, talks, getting to church on time, and raising some wonderful kids. i love you and can't wait to see you this summer. i hope your party was the best! thank you for being you!

Damaris said...

love coming over to Sacramento and hanging out with you. You are pure kindness and always fun. have a wonderful day.

noelle said...

Happy Birthday! I love and admire you so much. You are a great example to me. I wish I could have been in Hawaii when you were there visiting. Hopefully I'll make it up to Sacramento again soon, maybe for Mother's Day.

Karen said...

Thank you Kaitlin, Yesenia, Damaris and Noelle! I had a perfect birthday. You all add to the crowd. (We had 25 at the party.) I love all of you and all of the sacramento crowd. And I always will. Hope to see you all soon. :) Mimi

Jesse said...

Happy Birthday Mimi. Congratulations on 92. It would be hard to imagine a cooler grandma. We have had a lot of fun times at your house playing oh heck, or scrabble, and making apple pies from the tiny apples in the backyard, and all of the fun garage sales we've been to. I remember when once a long time ago when we went to Hoffman park to swim in the river, I was pretty little, and we both reached down to pick up s piece of string on the path at the same time. I thought it was funny we both thought it was worth picking up. Hope we can come see you soon. Love, Jesse

Bekah said...

Mimi is always a welcome host. We've loved visiting for long weekends. M thinks the backyard is paradise. I can't help but think so myself.

Mimi was there to congratulate us shortly after we were engaged. She and Grandpa set the bar for us. I'm so glad I get to be a part of the family. I can't wait to visit again and get creamed at bocce, scrabble, and every other game I play with you! Happy 92nd birthday Grandma.

Karen said...

Mimi responds: I think Jesse is the current reigning game ace. Hope we can come to Tokyo. (Karen says "that's a long ways to go for a scrabble game.") No strings attached. We're saving your Christmas presents. Remind us. Love you.

Pamela Palmer said...

Kaity wondered why I didn't add on. I t was because mom had already read, I said. But I see she keeps on reading so let me say that I was named after Mimi first (unofficially). Also, Nan said I'm Mom and Çolleen's dad. I can live with that. Mom is a great bed and roommmate--I'm glad she's game for travel so I could find that out. She's young for her age, which is something I want to copy. She doesn't complain, which is probably not something I'll be able to pull off (judging from my current behavior). Love you more than being young, mom. Pam