Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Scouting out Surf Spots

I've been taking Enzo to beaches up North that have waves to scout out the surf spots. Its kind of fun. Enzo likes chasing the seagulls, rolling around in the sand, throwing rocks, jumping in tide pools, and just jumping in general. I like checking out the waves and being at the beach. I will post some wave pictures as soon as I get them.
Also I harvested some radishes and lettuce from our garden. Not lilikoi but we can't have everything. I love and miss everyone.


Mariko said...

Amaya loves to see pictures of Enzo. He is so big! We (Amaya and I) were actually just looking at some of him when he was a baby. I really can't even remember him looking like that.
The beach actually looks very beautiful. The beach is a hard place for me to take Amaya these days. When we're in the water she's just stretching to get away from me and swim out to Pammy.

Kaity said...

Enzo is looking so grown up. Keep us posted about a good weekend (wavewise) to come visit.

Damaris said...

kaity, next weekend!!!!

Pamela Palmer said...

just so you know, adam said the cliff picture is very good. we miss you. adam needs more family than just me, i think. in fact, i'm a pretty paltry represetation of the famly.