Saturday, October 27, 2007

Not Much

Shelley & I had a good time hiking & biking through Croatia & Slovenia. Think old Italian coastal dwellings, tile roofs, old stone, old doors/windows, limestone hills with scrubby trees & churchs. I took lot's of pictures which are safely locked inside my iMAC's iPhoto program. Stuck would be the word for it since I can't figure out how to get them out & into a Compact Flashcard so that I can reload them into my Canon program that came w/my new Canon digicam. I have a card reader that should read & write. I just want to get rid of iPhoto, save my pic's & move on. Suggestions?

Last week we went to Sacramento to visit Mimi. Suzelle was there also. We did some clean up, picked pom's, did repairs, etc. A bonus was a b'Day party for Trisha who is now 40. There was so much sugar frosting on the carrot cake one could hear moaning from your pancreas. Jake & family came. Natalie made up a song & the sister's sang.

Here at home has been continual cleaning since Jake & family moved. We have a constant flow & ebb of change to our home. Hot tub took some repairs/$$$$ to get it going only to find out that after 20yrs rust never sleeps. The gas fired heater had a leak that would have been exciting under our trees. It's gone. Now we have more deck space.

I would like to send photos but I need counseling for my bad habits of not taking the time to read instructions.



Sienna said...

great to hear from you guys. i would love to see the pictures. you can always export pictures from iphoto by selecting the pictures you want to export and then going to File/Export. You can export the files to wherever you want them to go (it will ask you where you would like them to export and then you can choose the compact flashcard). It will make copies of them so they will still be safely kept in your iphoto. Hope that helps. I'm jealous you got to go to Sacramento and eat pomagranites and hang out with all the people there. We need to see you guys soon. I still can't believe that you haven't met tony yet.

Pamela Palmer said...

Sounds beautiful. Miss you guys. Glad you're having fun. Thanks for helping Mom,Christian and Da, etc. Love.