Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Zeke and Friends

The top picture is Zeke with his girlfriend Joslin in a mango tie dye and the bottom is Zeke with Carter. These are the kids of my two walking buddies. Joslin is three months maybe and Carter is four days older than Zeke (May 4th). He's quite a bit fatter though. You can't see his face in this picture, but his cheeks are where he stores a lot of his fat.

The other day I was taking Gio on a walk so that he could fall asleep, but as usual he could not sit still in the stroller. He was basically rolling around and being as wiggly and active as he could without falling out of the stroller when he bumped his face on something (I have no idea what). He started crying, but I just ignored him. Finally, because he wouldn't stop crying, I looked to see what was wrong. His nose was bleeding. "What happened?" I asked. "Gio hurt his nose." Then wiping his nose all over the stroller commented "The puppy has strawberry juice coming out of his nose." (The puppy is his alter ego. When he is not refering to himself as Gio he calls himself the puppy.) I can ask Gio to do something repeatedly with no response, but I only have to ask the puppy to do something once. For example, "Gio come eat your dinner," repeated ten times on deaf ears. "Puppy, come here, I have some puppy food." The puppy comes immediately bounding and wagging his tail. It's pretty cool.
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noelle said...

after reading this, i had to go around and tell all my friends about my cousin "the puppy." that is so funny. i was definitely "lol"ing while reading your post. :) gio is too cute. zeke too.

Damaris said...

I'm so glad to see pics of Zeke (my baby crush). Is he crawling? eating solids? I need to see you guys.

Enzo has an alter ego. we call it the "desperate-need-for-anger-managment" Enzo. We don't like that one very much