Friday, October 12, 2007

berkeley and friends

the update:

so I went to a concert for the first time last Friday at UC Berkeley with Victoria and Dean. Despite being our sworn eternal arch rivals, Berkeley's campus is actually kind of nice. There are a lot of redwoods and some bridges over creeks, which I made Victoria pose on for pictures. Luckily we all happened to be wearing their school colors, navy blue and yellow. I felt kind of like a traitor to Stanford, posing like a Cal student, but last time I was at Berkeley, me and Jackie were wearing Stanford apparel, and let's just say we were lucky to get out alive. We went into the Admin building to use the bathrooms, which were in this sketchy basement area, and on the wall, every three feet, there was a sign that said something to the effect of, whatever crime you might want to commit, don't even try it, because "this is bear territory." I should have brought my switch blade.

Anyway, the band (The Shins) was pretty much amazing.

Another cool thing is that I am working as a Research Assistant for a professor this quarter, and we had a dinner meeting so he could tell us about some projects he is working on. Two that sound pretty interesting are on public attitudes on global warming, and the potentially demobilizing effect of shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I'll keep you abreast of any interesting developments.

Well, here are some pictures of life at Stanford for the past few weeks.
(Me and my good friend Vivi, who is from Monterrey, Mexico. Also me and Victoria skipping awkwardly down a hill at Berkeley. My roommates Hoku and Roni under a tree. Me walking.)


Damaris said...

I love your posts. I guess I'll be seeing you this weekend. We need to convince your mom to post! we need some updates on the Hawaii Springs, especially Tru's B-day/Baptism

Karen said...

Mimi and I are having fun keeping up with your exciting life!

Mimi says: I'm glad you're having fun (and working too.) Your report shows you are enterprising. Good luck!

Sienna said...

Ooo, the Shins, very jealous. They need to come to Salt Lake again soon. We went to a concert this weekend too, John Vanderslice, you should check him out. He's so cool. The research definitely sounds cool. We miss you.

Kaity said...

The Shins came to Santa Barbara too.

Yesenia said...

extrano a mi calabaza.. me tienes que llamar. espero que todo sea bien..

-pastelita (couldn't think of the spanish word for cupcake haha)