Monday, October 15, 2007

About Time...


Ok, so this is my first time ever doing a blog and I am pretty excited! And let me tell you all that I miss you and I want you guys to come home!


Things in school are going well. It is midterm week and I am so not looking forward to it. I have 4 midterms this week, two on Monday and two on Friday (wish me luck). I love all of my classes and I love being in school even though it can be stressful. I've made a lot of new friends which helps because I've felt like such a loser ever since Ben left! But besides that school in wonderful and I am SO glad that I am in it.


HE WENT TO VISIT MY MOM!! So cool! I was sleeping soundly when Ben decided to call me at 2:45 am and he was telling me that he was driving past Arden Fair Mall... Hmm... Weird, we have an Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento. I totally thought he was joking but he wasn't! I told him the directions on how to get to my house and when he pulled into the apartments I called my mom and she was freaking out because the house was messy, blah blah blah. So he went up and stayed for a good 45 minutes and bonded with the fam. My mom is in love! I thought it was the sweetest thing and he said that he LOVES my family and thinks that all of you guys are awesome! Aside from that we are doing extremely well and are learning to be pros at this whole "long-distance" thing. We talk every day and I send him care packages which consist of: Muscle Milk, protein bars, deodorant, Muscle Fitness magazines, treats, etc. He's training to try out for football at Weber State in the Spring. He actually went with a couple of friends this weekend on a road trip to watch the Cardinals game and a UH game. So they drove from Utah to California, to Arizona, back to Utah. He's had so much fun and now he has a cold :(

I will be going to Michigan and Chicago during Christmas break for 9 days! I am super excited and nervous because I want them to like me! I will definitely keep you all posted!

These are some of the pictures from the dinner cruise that Ben and I went on the day before he left! I promise to post some new pictures when I take some!

Hope all is well with everyone!


Karen said...

I have been waiting for you to post, Yesenia. Very worth the wait. Your mom was very excited about Ben's visit. Very nice picture. Natalie came in the room and I showed her. I miss you and am happy things are going well.

Oh, yeah...good luck on the midterms!!

Pamela Palmer said...

you look so glamorous on the cruise. thanks for coming by last night. i miss you when i don't see you. (and of course i can't come see you.)

noelle said...

aww, the cruise reminds me of honu hawaii activities. we had some good times talking about all that dramaaaa. hahaha. i miss you cupcake!! i will call you soon, sorry i have been ridiculously busy. i am glad ben got to meet your mom and the family. chicago and michigan will be so fun. i am jealous. but excited for you to come see me at stanford :)

Karen said...

mimi says: It sounds like you're BUSY!!! Your plans look interesting. Have fun! You look cute on the cruise. Be good. Love, Grandma

Yesenia said...

ahhh... you guys are the greatest for even reading my blog!

thanks karen for always being so sweet, i'm glad my blog was worth the wait haha. tell grandma that i am always super busy and i just got my schedule for winter semester! killer! i miss you guys so much and can't til i come home! dec 14th-jan 8th are the days i'll be there.

thanks pammy, i promise i will visit you more often. it's crazy how fast 2 weeks can fly by. we should set up a tie dye party?

yo.. i miss you! honu is doing well.. crazy but good. i have more stuff to tell you. anyway, i am super excited for michigan and chicago! and yes! i am excited to visit you too! maybe mariah should come with me? that'd be tight.

Karen said...

Hey, Yesenia. I seriously live for the blog! I am here with Christian and his friend Jeremy on Clay's computer. Christian wonders why he didn't know about the family blog. I'm heading home, now. Suzelle is visiting! More, later. Counting down to December 14. Please post about Chicago. The fam will love you, of course!

Karen said...

Oh, yeah and hi to Ben cause I know you talk to him every day. Love you more than a good night's sleep on a rainy night!