Thursday, October 11, 2007

From Mimi with love

October greetings to all of you dear ones! Our trees are still green, but the breeze is like fall. Summer was short and cool (for us). We missed the annual Spring family visit (aka cousin's camp). Pammy made our summer by coming and staying for a couple of weeks. I stayed home mainly this summer. I walk nearly every day, but my left leg is still gimpy, though a little less gimpy every day.

Yesterday, Sue Upton (Charlene's sister) took me and Charlene and their mom Carol to Calevaras County Big Trees State Park about a 2 hour drive each way. We saw lots of scenery, mostly oak trees and conifers. (Karen is typing for me and she wants to tell you that I was car sick or had a 24 hour flu bug and had to watch the road the whole time both ways and was pretty miserable. So I will have to go back to see the BIGGEST TREES next time. Karen says that's ok because my Doctor tells me he thinks I could likely live another TEN YEARS. Lots of time to do road trips.)

Austin's and my grave marker is in and looks good--Sierra granite with an image of the St. George Temple. Not everyone gets to read his grave marker ahead of time :).

It is fun to see and read your blogs. Keep writing, please.

Love, Grandma Mimi


Pamela Palmer said...

Hi Mommy. Sorry you were sick on your road trip (the worst place to be sick!)Yesterday was Truman's baptism. It was so sweet. I couldn't help remembering the night he was born. Adam, Sienna, Kaity and I went along for the ride. He is such a cute and nice guy. I'm sure you'll hear more about it.Love you more than pomegranite juice. Pam

noelle said...

I have been missing North Park Drive (4433 in particular.) It is definitely one of my favorite places, and not going there over the summer made me feel incomplete. It was really fun to be there last year during Thanksgiving break, seeing the leaves change colors and feeling cold in Sacramento for the first time! I am hoping to get to visit again soon. Adam tried to teach me some ping pong moves over the summer, so now I almost have a handle on the front hand and back hand. Maybe I can try them out with you and Karen. :)


Yesenia said...

I cannot wait to come home! I miss you guys so much! I agree with Yo, I too miss 4433 North Park Drive and the people that live in it :)

Hope all is well! Keep in touch!