Sunday, September 23, 2007

the weekend, the car, the addiction, the blessings

This weekend was a bit of a surprise. Christian didn't go surfing yesterday because it was supposed to be small. Turns out it was "great" according to people at church today. I think he was disappointed but at least I got to sleep in. The other disappointing thing was that the car kind of needs major repair. Something to do with the heater. All I really know is that we were driving to COSTCO and smoke stared coming out of the vents and it smelled really bad. We stopped at a mechanic and I was really worried because I actually REALLY needed something at the store and would have to find a way to get it. Right then a neighbor, who I didn't even know had my number, called me and said she was at COSTCO and asked if I needed anything. WHAT A BLESSING! We came home and Christian was very diligent and I think he fixed the car. At least we hope so. Today we were able to make it to church and it was an excellent meeting. The primary sacrament program was today and it was very good. The Sunday school teacher never showed up and someone just stood up and bore a very long testimony. I really felt the spirit and am really happy at our new ward. Everyone has been very friendly, and even though Enzo pretty much just screams in nursery they still welcome him and I can tell they actually care and are trying very hard to work with him. The picture of Enzo is not supposed to be cute. It's what we're dealing with. Whenever he sees two pacifiers they both have to go in his mouth. I feel like it's getting way out of hand. At the same time school starts this Thursday and he's going to be watched by two different people. He doesn't feel comfortable with them and this whole moving situation has left him really shy and insecure. So, I just don't have the heart to take his pacifiers away. Oh well. We've actually had a surprisingly good weekend despite our troubles. It's getting even better now that Christian is down stairs making apple pie, from all the yummy apples we get from the tree across the lawn.

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