Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hi Miriam. Hi Everyone. Now that I know Mimi's reading, do I need to capitalize properly and punctuate? It's so fun to have you, Mom, even if you you do have standards. We had a pirate party this week. (Don't you wish you had fun roommates?) People wore costumes, played ping pong, guitar, and I'm not sure what else sing I was holding up in my room with papers. They were good to quit ping pong at eight. Turns out pirates can keep rules if they have to. Yesterday Mikey and Minami and I went to the beach with Bouchers. They are very fun. Olivia has taken Minami under her wing and Mikey has fun with Carson. Michelle watched the kids carefully and I would remember every now and again that I was in charge of Mikey and Minami (oops). Adam was shooting a wedding. This morning he and Scott are off to the church of Turtle Falls (don't be jealous, Jesse). The choir's performing and I continue to be inept. Good luck on your Japanese, Miriam. Love you all more than yogurt and berries.


Damaris said...

I'm also really glad more family is involved in the blog. I really want to add Karen to our list so that if she wants t post (not just make comments) she can. You you please send me her e-mail. Or..Karen if you are reading this can you please post your e-mail. Thanks

Karen said...

My email:
Thanks for including me.