Sunday, September 23, 2007

from the archive

I found this while I was going through some old vids. It's fun to think of Ez and Ada so little. We are getting excited for our trip to New York this Thanksgiving. It will be Tony's first time to the NYC. Let us know some of your favorite things you think that a first time visitor should do since most of us are seasoned New York tourists.


Damaris said...

After talking to you today on the phone I ended up really missing you. I wish we could go to NY with you guys. I love the video, I think that was the Thanksgiving that I met you. You and Tony will have lots of fun. Go to the botanical gardens.

Karen said...

For Tony in NYC: the temple of course (That was where all 3 manhattan wards met) Also staten island ferry and chinatown for mimbow (sp?) bread. Love you both.

noelle said...

one place i loved in nyc was that one park that gives you a view of the manhattan skyline and has the apartment buildings with the vines growing up the windows. if you remember, you and i went there when i was in 8th grade i think. that was a good trip, huh