Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Blog Debut

Hi Everyone,

I just want to officially tell everyone that I have started my own blog. I opened my account in May and I am just sort of getting around to figuring it all out. I am telling everyone about it, so hopefully I can be consistent and update it regularly. The url is www.sevensixtyeight.blogspot.com
I miss everyone. I think we might try to go to Hawaii for Thanksgiving? We found tickets on United for $292 roundtrip. So we'll see.


Damaris said...

are you really going to abandon us to go to Hawaii? Lucky! Maybe we'll go to Oregon and meet up with Mighty and Jake. I miss them a lot these days. I love the pictures you have of You and Danny on your Blog. You guys are so good looking! Did you like the pictures of Big sur I put up. come visit us!

Kaity said...

We still have to buy our tickets to Hawaii. I hope they haven't gone up. When would you go to Oregon? That would be fun. Are they going for Thanksgiving? I loved your Big Sur pictures. I want to see all of them. I think we are going to come for General Conference. Yay.