Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Santa Cruz

This will be my first post. Damaris will be happy. Santa Cruz is fun. We've finally bought enough things that I feel like my whole day isn't spent shopping. There are some great things here though. I've caught a few nice days at steamers lane, which is a suprisingly fun little wave. Next week there's a 7-11ft swell coming so we'll see how that pans out. I'm excited. I've been fixing up old furniture I found but hit a snag today when I realized that my drill bits are in a box that still hasn't arrived, along with my razor I think. I might have to borrow some from the maintenance guys. I also cleared our garden plot today of all the dried out leaves and in the dirt and scrub found some gloves, a trowel, three pronged things, a rake head, gloves, and thriving oregano plant. I was pretty stoked. I'm going to get something to mix into the soil tomorrow and plant. Plus the plot is already all chicken wired in to keep out all the little forest critters. I'm excited to start gardening.
Another good thing is that people are surprisingly nice. Besides giving us free stuff we've also been invited to dinner three times in the last week with another invite for friday. Two from ward member and one from a neighbor and then we went to Musi's house. The free stuff we've either found or been give includes a futon fame, two radios, a printer, a vacuum cleaner, couch, chairs, baby bed, dresser, a desk, and other random things. We've been enjoying everything and will keep everyone updated.

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