Sunday, September 9, 2007

The top of timpanogos

Well, here we are me and my hottie of a husband Tony on the tippidy top of Timpanogos. We look so hardcorezels in this picture. And the mountains are totally cutezers! OMG!

Tony wrote that. He was just trying to talk like me. But I don't even talk like that. Anyway, this is from last weekend. It took us five hours to get to the top of Timp. But here is us at the top watching the sunrise. And the view of Utah Lake and the Valley. It was a good experience but we probably won't hike it again for awhile. Tony's shoes were a little small so he still has bruises on both his big toenails.

We spent this weekend up in the Uintas at Linds and Randy's cabin. We fished at Lilly Lake and I caught my very first fish and by caught I mean I reeled it in. Randy did all the other work. Randy taught Tony how to fly fish and everyone said he looked like a natural.

We miss everyone.


Kaity said...

You guys are so cutezers and KRAZY!

Pamela Palmer said...

sienna m.p. dittner, where are you? i heard you babysat jenn's kids. how did you do that and go to school? how is poetry class? kaity says tony is hot (even if he does say so himself).