Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers' Day!

To My Mother

As a tree, you sheltered me
in cool and tranquil beauty;
And in the breeze your tender leaves
caressed me as you soothed me;
To my new eyes, you were a rose
abloom in my home garden;
A dewy gem, with velvet stem
to comfort and to pardon;
When I awoke, your azure cloak
a flag of courage made me;
And for my care in harshest glare,
you were a cloud to shade me;
You furnished rain time and again,
to nourish and revive me,
And like the sea you called to me
to share with you eternity;
The world was new, and how I grew,
because with love you laved me;
You planned, you dreamed, you taught, esteemed,
and home and heaven gave me.

Mildred T. Hunt

To my mother who died when I was very young, but not before I knew her.

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sienna said...

lovely tribute. thanks for posting karen.