Sunday, April 22, 2012

We love Sacramento!

It was so so fun to stop in Sacramento on our way home from Nevada City. We got to hang out with Mimi and Karen. Karen had the genius idea to have an Easter egg hunt for the kids. They were beyond excited. We got to see Yesenia, Christian, Liz, Andy and Logan. It was so fun to hang out and catch up. We love being at the homestead in Sacramento. There are so many good memories there. Karen is the best hostess, paying really good attention to the kids; reading to them, helping them get to bed, getting out the Legos for the boys and the baby dolls for Lili. WE LOVE KAREN!! Mimi and I tried to play Scrabble, but we didn't quite finish because there were too many distractions. We got to feel baby Sophie kick and see Yesenia's beautiful belly in person. Here are a few pics from my phone.


Karen said...

What a great surprise!! Thank you for coming and for remembering us today.

Karen said...

I love the pictures.