Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dear Shelly

Remember this heart dress that you brought Baby Maria when she was a day old? It looked so huge and I thought she's never grow into it. Well she has and she loves it, and that is saying a lot because she  loves being naked more than anything.

I took this picture of her right before home church. She doesn't wear shoes to home church. Actually Christian is the only one who wears shoes to home church.

Speaking of Church we miss seeing you and Steve after church every second Sunday of the month. I hope the antique fair in Santa Cruz is going well. I hope everything is going well. We miss you guys so much.

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Karen said...

I hope Shelley gets to see this right away. What a perfectly adorable valentine. Happy sweethearts day and the anniversary of your first day with Christian. S and S are taking care of everyone at Pam's and I loved being there together. I miss you all!