Sunday, January 8, 2012

we have hippies living in our backyard

Our once quiet life in Itacare has turned very very very loud. Yesterday there was a full blown rave 20 feet from our house. The town is buzzing with tourists from all over the world. The once beaches we used to go with the kids where no one was ever there, is now packed. To make matters even more interesting the owner of our house decided to make our backyard into a campsite. The hippies who sell their jewelry in around the town are camping in our backyard. There are probably 30 people out and 8 tents at any given time. Yesterday a new group came of mimes. 

Our kids are not happy with this arrangement and totally want to camp outside too. Other than the constant second hand pot smoke it's fine. All the hippie kids have cool names. A couple days ago was Agatha Vida (Life)'s Birthday. They had a full on party with party favors and everything. Our kids went and loved it. Enzo has been trying to convince me to get in the jewelry making business and travel around in groups and live out of a tent. Tempting but not really.

We also have a clothes store and a travel agency below our house. The clothes store I could do without. The travel agency is awesome. He's given us tons of deals and we've gone on lots of trips with my mom and cousin, like boat rides, and rafting.

It's interesting living in a tourist town and seeing the cycle of high and low season. As an anthropologist Christian definitely has his plate full, that's for sure.

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liz said...

Wow!its beautiful. At least your tourists look like nice, peaceful people. You could have a huge group of highschool grads or something:)