Monday, January 30, 2012

Waterfalls in Itacare

On the days we go to church we usually rent a car on Saturday afternoon to drive around and see some of the site that are a little bit further away, including most of the waterfalls. Although there's still quite a few to see. Here are some of the waterfalls we've seen in the last few months. The last one has Enzo and his Grandma Cecilia sitting at the bottom.

The last one we went to I almost got stuck at the bottom of a large hill after a quick rainstorm had slicked the road up. I asked if it was hard to get out after it rained and they told me it depended on who was driving. It took me three tries but eventually I made it up.

Although I mainly had to post because I'm tired of going to the blog and seeing the same pictures of our backyard.

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sienna said...

gorgeous waterfalls. sounds like you guys are good at making the most of your year in paradise. thanks for posting.