Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day family and friends! We got home late last night from our labor day campout. We planned to stay all weekend, but after two nights of freezing temperatures and not much sleep, we decided to come back and get a good night's sleep at home. We drove up past Heber in to the Uintas and found a little meadow with only a few other campers that were far away. It was very beautiful and we loved getting to spend time together as a family and with a few of our old friends. We forgot our camera (along with Tony's jacket, Tony's winter hat, enough blankets to keep warm, and a few other things) so these are low res camera photos. Luckily, we were able to charge our phones with Tony's handy solar panel.

Bo loved the tent. He wanted to play in there all day. We love our big tent cause it fits a queen sized air mattress and you can stand up in it, but we did miss the warmth of our cozy little tent.

Tony hanging the solar panel on the side of tent to charge my phone.

Thanks to Jesse and Bekah for the hiking backpack. Bo loves telling Tony, "giddy up horsey" and Tony will trot for a few feet.

Me and Bo and my 15 week baby bump.

Our tent in a field of wildflowers.

Camping was a good reminder of some of the beautiful things about Utah. It allowed me to take a break from wishing I was somewhere else, particularly closer to you all. (If only, you all lived in one place.)


Danny said...

I love the pics. I wish we were closer everyday. It would have been so fun to camp together. Love you.

Danny said...

heehee. it's kaity.

Karen said...

you are so lovely. i love your half-smiley contented expression.