Saturday, August 27, 2011


I can't believe we've been on vacation for 2 whole months. Who do we think we are?! We just came back from Minas Gerais, which is one state north of Sao Paulo. My aunt and uncle, Gabriel's grandparents live there and we had to stop by and visit. We went to a waterfall, ate way more than humanely posible and saw a lot os strawberries. My aunt's family is in the strawberry business, all small farmer's. Very cool plantations. I'll have to show you pictures some other time. Minas is great. We saw toucans just hanging out on the treets and a bunch of other birds we don't even know the name for.

On Thursday we move to Bahia. It's hard to believe that our vacationing is coming to an end

I'm so thankful for these past two months. Christian and I were reflecting on the places and people we've seen and we feel so lucky. We love how our families come from such different backgrounds.

This is my aunt's backyard. She is a very religious person and as such she used her backyard to make a square to honor the Patron Saint of Brazil, Nossa Senhora Aparecida. The picture above is of her backyard. And here is the chapel she built in her backyard.

Inside she has her saints but she still goes to church every single day. I like going to church with my extended family and seeing how religious they are.

Aunt Lena, uncle Jesus, and Maria.

Marcos is Gabriel's dad. I think he looks like Gabriel's brother don't you? To the left is his girlfriend Lais. Enzo and Maria have really been missing Gabriel. Maria asks about him multiple times a day. It was good for her to hang out with Marcos because he's so much like Gabriel, so playful and affectionate.

Enzo at the waterfall.

Hiking in Brazil is very different than Hawaii. I didn't capture it in this picture but there is a lot of cattle  just roaming around everywhere.

Sorry my posts are so long. I have so many pictures to go through it's not very organized. Whenever I'm in the US and I see beautiful things I always think about my mom and Iris and how much I wish I could share it with them. Now that I'm here I think so much of you guys and how much I wish I could share Brazil with you. I know it's not very realistic to come for a visit but if you can I would love love love to show you around.


Karen said...

lovely and touching to hear the stories. we miss gabriel too!

sienna said...

looks beautiful. glad you've had some time to relax and enjoy your family before your next big adventure.