Sunday, December 26, 2010

in hawaii

Gio and Enzo are pretending like today is still Christmas. Yesterday was perfect. So many of us and not an excess of presents, just the right amount. Sienna made stuffed animals for all the kids. Tony helped designed them. Adam, brought over prints and we all got to choose our favorites. Adam is pure talent, he took a picture of Maria sleeping that touched my mama soul so deep I want to have it blown up and saved forever. Kaity got everyone what they needed (church shirts for Enzo, yes please) from the swap shop. Colleen always so generous gave me a fun new apron. Pammy did great on the clothes and jewelry department, as she always does.

Not to mention her dedication to make everyone feel included. The floor was filled with stockings full of fun treats.

Christian made clues for all the kids to find their hidden gifts. I got Enzo a knock off Jenga set from Ross. It kindda doesn't work. Good thing Kaity encouraged me to also get him a Lego set, a real one. When he opened the Lego set he said "This is EXACTLY what I wanted" success! Maria's hidden present was a parachute that all the kids enjoyed playing with on the trampoline. Maria hyper-ventilated when she saw it. I should have guessed, with her extreme fear of colorful helium balloons a  rainbow parachute was not the best idea. Good thing she's only 1. She's way more concerened about getting entertained by people than by toys.

 Danny and Maria

Adam's legs and Maria.

Remeber how Enzo needed to be moving all the time? Multiply that by one hundred and one. That's Maria.
 and this is Likikoi
 and Bo is nursing
and Pammy did a fun skit. Oh, and that's my cousin Moselle in the back. She got married this year, Adam took her pictures, and she's been living in Hawaii with her husband for the last couple of months. It's been so fun having her here.

 and here is Austin and Kristian. What a cute and fun couple.

I've been pretty bad about taking pictures. I need to show you how tall Isaiah got since Yosemite it will blow your mind. Speaking of Yosemite Sienna gave Pammy a snapfish book with 70 pages of Yosemite pictures. Yesterday I looked at it twice, examining every page. Sienna did such a good job putting it together. I hope you get a chance to see it one day. One of the pictures has all the Yosemite crew together, 38 of us. Amazing. I feel so blessed to be a part of this family.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas in Sacramento, in NY, where ever you were I hope you felt loved. I'm so grateful for our savior and his life and for organizing us into families so that we could have joy. And we do!