Saturday, December 25, 2010

#1 Question of Christmas 2010.....where is Karen?

Ask for a pose and you get what you get!

My neighbor/friend Lisa came to celebrate with us....she came two years ago to be with us and I guess she needed a year to recouperate from she put it "organized chaos"!
Michelle and David always look good...even down to Michelle's pretty hands!

Ah Ha! I finally found Karen...I took a picture to prove it.....I kid not, I was asked at least 12 times...."where is karen..." It may be because she is in charge of the whole party, she may know where something is but probaably more than likely it is just because everyone loves Karen and wants to be near her......she gave a good party under the direction of Mimi!

Here she is again...this time Liz caught up with her......cute gals!


Mariko said...

David is definitely the ugly sweater contest winner. I was going to protest if you picked anyone else.
Fun cousins camp and lots of people I love all in one place! Good that there's more than one gathering or someone's house might burst at the seams.

Liz said...

we love christmas at the hunt's house. it really feels the way christmas should feel!

Karen said...

Great story-telling Tricia. It was a great Christmas.