Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the MTC

one of the perks of living in utah is getting to be part of the pre-mission excitement. colleen and noelle got here on friday and we spent the weekend visiting people, shopping for cute, but conservative mission appropriate attire, and hanging out and enjoying each other's company. we also all (the three girls) got cute haircuts on tuesday morning. we dropped noelle off at the MTC this morning and also got to see Quin which was fun. I'm super excited for both of them and can't wait to hear about all of their adventures. here's a few pictures from the day.

i tried to use my tripod to get a pic of all of us, but my tripod is very short. so i think our knees are in focus. oh well.

our glamourous Sister Spring. we also got to be there when she was set apart which was very sweet and Bo was even reverent (which i was worried about).

these guys really bonded in just the few days she was here, so now bo and I will both miss her.

bo did make things more interesting by trying to eat the potted plants in the MTC lobby.

red headed missionary cousins. good luck you two!

I am sure these two will be great missionaries and am so glad I got to see them off. I have Noelle's addresses as do Colleen and Austin and I'm sure we can easily get Quin's address if anyone wants to write missionary letters (or draw pictures) for FHE. you can also go to and send an email that they will print and deliver to the MTC for free if you have a few minutes. I've never been to the MTC, but I've heard that mail is a big deal there so I'm sure it will be appreciated.


Karen said...

SIenna, this is perfect. Thank you for bringing us this immediate report.

Grimsmans said...

thanks for helping us all feel included in the send off of our cute red headed missionaries! they are just adorable! Yes, they will be great missionaries and how lucky the people will be that they serve.

david a bouchers said...

Thanks so much for posting this. We are SO, SO glad Quinton had family there to be with when he checked in. It was hard to let him go this morning at the airport, but that is how he wanted it.
Noelle looks wonderful. How awesome that they both reported on the same day.
I already feel the blessings flowing to our families.

Michele & Family

Karen said...

mimi said...

Thanks, Sienna, for letting us all participate in the cousin redheads' entrance to the MTC!

Karen said...

mimi also commented that Colleen looks SO happy!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Thanks for posting these Sienna. Noelle is so beautiful. I can't wait to write her.