Thursday, November 18, 2010


Sorry to interrupt the flow of cool posts with my nagging. It's just that I want to do all my Christmas shopping this weekend before everything goes crazy after Thanksgiving. Are we drawing names? Are we just doing our own family? I'm fine either way.

And to make this post cool here is a picture of Mr. Magnificent. He's a local Santa Cruz grandpa who skateboards and juggles at the same time. We hired him for our Thanksgiving event we had on Sunday. I kind of want him for Christmas.


Pamela Palmer said...

The Jesse Palmer are giving to the Enoch Palmers and vice versa (since they'll be together for Christmas). Those of us who will be in Hawaii are going to get presents for whoever we want at the Kam Drive-in swap meet.(Or we could draw names if that's too many people. Kids to kids, grown ups to grown ups.) Either way.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

cool that's easy.

sienna said...

i'm sure if you wanted to shop early, you don't have to go to swap meet. bargain bin, swap shop, thrift stores are good too. i think the main thing is not to spend too much money. i started making a few things, but i don't know that i'll get them finished by christmas so you all may or may not get them.