Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mimi and the "Yellow Dog"

Yes, Mimi voted. Absentee ballot, but dropped off today at the polls. The other day, Yesenia and Chrisitian were quizzing her on her preferences with this election. A name came up, I won't say who, and she said she would sooner vote for a yellow dog than that candidate. The big thing in our neck of the woods is if we are for or against being our own little city in this unincorporated area known as Arden-Arcade. Not a real catchy name for an address, but proponents said we could vote on a better new name than the hyphenated one.

Happy post- halloween. We loved all the halloween reports and pictures. If you were here, we would pass out the mini candy bars in the pumpkin basket. Promise.

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sienna said...

thanks for the report. made me smile.