Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mimi and the Yellow Cat (A Sequel)

We know Mimi is not a complainer and is a model good sport. Still, there are some things that are just plain wrong. The other night Butterscotch slipped inside to escape our suddenly turned cold weather and immediately darted into Mimi's room and then under her bed, where she was already asleep. I figured he'd sleep under there for a bit and then at some point come and get me to let him out. So, when I heard Mimi calling for me to come a couple of hours later, I hurried in.


Grimsmans said...

That is halarious! Good thing for that yellow cat that Mimi cannot get around very well these days or she would have done what she has always done in the past when "any darn cat" sees their way into her home, she throws them out on the ears and only sometimes did they land on their feet! Maybe that is why I love cats so much because I am trying to make up for the love loss between Mimi and cats! Thanks for sharing Karen.


Pamela Palmer said...

At least she's not in danger of being a cat lady. (I think she likes them outside catching mice!