Friday, July 23, 2010

sacramento sunday

mom left utah today. we miss her already. it was so much fun playing with her and with enoch and amy and kids that i'm just now getting time to go through all my pics from our trip. (don't worry, i hardly took any, so it wasn't hard.) these are from tony's phone, so the quality is not the greatest, but it captures the moments.

the cute springs

the green group (we all just happened to be wearing green or blue that day)

isaiah borrowed tony's tie so he could be in the green group

the blue crew

except isaiah, he didn't match anyone

the isaiah


Metta said...

Pammy is wearing the prettiest dress in the history of dresses! Glad that you could all be together...

Karen said...

oh, sienna. these are beautiful, even without your camera. i am a little sad i wasn't there (and you were all locked out). i would've been in the blue group :D

Colleen said...

We probably wouldn't have taken the pictures if we hadn't been locked out. Thanks for posting these Sienna, and thanks for locking us out Karen :-) !!!