Saturday, July 24, 2010

more sac-town

i get to post pictures from pam's camera since she put them on my computer. i already posted some on my blog, but i thought i would repost some (since they are just that cute).

the siennas (i'm so happy i got to meet my name twin)

bo loves freezing water

thanks to trish for making folsom lake so fun!

just so you know, sen and chris were there

i think this must have been the freckle club picture


Damaris said...

love the picstures. love the one of you and bo. glad I got to see it twice.

oh, and when Adam was here we kept talking about how totally fit/hot you look. That pic of you in the swimsuit shows. You're the only mama I knew that looks more fit post-baby than pre-baby. Good job.

Grimsmans said...

Loved the photos....and loved having everyone at the lake to play. We have the best family in the world!

loads of love...
Tricia and Family