Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's in Maine

Here are some pictures from today. Do we have pictures from the baptism? Of course not! Was it an incredibly memorable wonderful day? Better believe it! Snowboarding in the morning, baptism in the afternoon, ward party in the evening, emergency room at night. After falling while snowboarding, she tried a handstand at the ward party and completed the fracture. For those interested, it's a buckle fracture (sort of like the bone compressed). She's in a splint until the swelling goes down. The cast comes on later this week.

And Happy Birthday to Kay!
ps, we're having so much fun!


Yesenia said...

The e palmer came for the baptism/valentine's day? yay!!! (or did you go there?) ouch miriam. hope you heal soon. the only thing worse would be if it had been jesse. all people shown look beautiful. this is from pammy not yesenia.

Damaris said...

oh no. sorry about your arm Miriam. Breaking bones is so unfun.
Congratulations on your baptism. I am really proud of you.

sienna said...

sounds fun except for the broken arm. hope it heals soon too (and doesn't hurt too much). glad you had some many friends and family around to share your baptism with. wish we could have been there too.

Travis said...

Poor Miriam. But so tuff.