Saturday, February 6, 2010


The presents keep flowing in. I got a new Driduck rain suit from Jesse (thanks). I hope we have more rain because I want to try out the suit, and we need it. Sienna sent me baby photo shoot prints (I can't get enough of the cousin quadruplets), and today a poem in response to my request for a rhyming affirmation for sixty (since all I could think of was fix me, which truly is not a bad goal for myself). Danny and Kaity sent Doug and Becky over with a lens (will my pictures suddenly improve?) This being sixty thing is working out quite well for me so far (knock on bamboo).

Sienna's poem:

February 4, 2010

Fifty-nine was fine.
But let's be clear
about this, my dear,
sixty is the new thirty-nine.

Unafraid, capable, alive,
it has a nice ring,
this tricksy, sixty thing.
It's the energy of twenty-five

and the wisdom of time,
years and years to find
a balanced state of mind
and a new kind of rhyme--

So don't try to fix me,
just kiss me--I'm sixty!


Kaity said...

Sienna, I love it. Good job giving mom what she always wants (a poem). I'm so glad that one of us has a brain. I couldn't think of anything but nifty which mom kept having to remind me rhymed with fifty not sixty.

Karen said...

This makes me cry. Can't exactly explain it. One year Shelley asked us to each write a poem for mom's birthday. Great gift from a gifted giver, Sienna.

david a bouchers said...

Fabulous! Such talent in this family! I'm so glad I'm along for the ride. (M)

chelsea said...

yeah !! I love poems!! The hottest 60 year young I know- hands down. :)

Damaris said...

I agree chelsea.