Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving and 21

Some friends and I roadtripped for 15 hours to the northern most part of Arizona, right by Lake Powell to visit a friend who lives in Coppermine. Her boyfriend took us out boating on the Lake. It was freezing, but great. The water was super glassy and clear. Arizona definitely has its own beauty. We went to a Navajo market and I got some neat jewelery. We went to Monument Valley (where they filmed a lot of old westerns...It made me think of my Grandpa Bill), horseshoe bend, Tuba City (dinosaur tracks). Roni's brothers taught me how to play Navajo 1o. Bad idea - cause I beat them all three times in a row. At least we weren't playing for keeps. Her family made us fry bread and mutton and an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. They even make pomegranate salad! Although they put bananas in theirs, and don't put walnuts, so it's a little different. Even though we've always had it at our Thanksgivings, I can't remember ever trying it. I'm glad I've had it now. Definitely a fan.

On the way home we stopped in Vegas for my birthday. I was trying to look cute and wore my black heels, but I got really bad blisters and my tights were falling down, so the outfit was kind of a bust. We still had fun though. The worst part was getting stuck in "holiday traffic - expect heavy delays to California"....whoops. We were stuck in practically bumper to bumper traffic for about 13 hours from Vegas to the Bay. We all went through short periods of insanity, and played road games for much longer than they should probably be played. Let's just say we kicked that dead horse until our shoes broke.


ali said...

out of the blue, Chloe says, "we haven't seen Aunty Noelle in forever!" are missed and remembered.

Kaity said...

LOL! Sounds fun. Thanks for making me laugh with the tights falling down.

We got stuck in holiday traffic one Thanksgiving. We learned our lesson big time.

Damaris said...

Noelle you travel so much. You better come visit us when we are in Brazil.

Colleen said...

It was the jackpot seeing these cute pictures!!! Thanks for being cute, having fun, and letting me live vicariously through ya! Hurry Home!

Tony said...

looks like a really fun trip. glad you got to take a break from school and have a fun birthday.