Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thank You Pammy!

we just had to say our goodbyes to pammy. she was a perfect helper/doula/mom/friend/grammy/babysitter/chef. we totally appreciated every minute of having her here and all of her help. we miss her so much already. just to make sure we would miss her, this morning before she left she washed the sheets and towels, washed out the tie-dye she dyed for us, made us breakfast, babysat bo so i could sleep in and all while getting her stuff packed up. i hope she has a safe flight back and we are counting the days until we see her again. hopefully soon!


emily said...

she is the ultimate super mom/grandma

Linds said...

saint pammy.

i LOVE her generosity and tenderness.

wish you a safe trip.

Karen said...

great pictures of pammy.