Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nevada City (a.k.a DeMartini summer camp)

We had a real break. It's hard to even believe but we actually had a mini vacation and it was perfect. On Thursday we went to Shelly and Steve's house. Enzo went nuts every 30 minutes when the train went by. Everyone went swimming and I stayed home watching Michael Jackson specials on T.V. Then we stayed up late playing games and gossiping about everyone we knew. Good times.

On Friday we spend the day at Nevada city. Saturday we had back to back activities in Sacramento. On Sunday we relaxed with the family (including KT, Danny and boys). I took close to 200 pictures. Yes, I will post many many pictures. I'll do it in stages so that I don't bore you too much.

First set of pictures is of Nevada city. Beautiful. I want to swim in that lake every day of my life (as long as it's as hot as it was on Friday). We swam, we jumped in the "jumpoline" (Enzo's vocab.), swam some more and than we crashed Doug's BBQ. Doug actually never showed up but his friends were all there and the food was very good.
(sienna and amy I wish we had a picture of the 4 of us)

(chris doing a back flip off the deck)

Gio getting ready for a front flip off the deck :)

(Enzo wanting to jump off the deck over and over again)

(cute girls)

(even Enos was there and he made some good meat)

Thank you DeMartinis for being such amazing hosts and letting us play with you!!!


Robbie said...

How fun! I don't think I'll get bored of your pictures or posts, Da. Keep em coming! You two pregnant ladies look so great, btw. Can't wait till September when we'll all have our babies!

sienna said...

i wish i could jump in that river right now. looks so refreshing. those demartinis always know how to have a good time.