Friday, June 5, 2009

the white house

So apparently we know somebody who knows somebody - and lucky for us that distant acquaintance works in the West Wing. Yes, as my next-door-dorm-mate put it, "like the TV show." Apparently you can only get a tour of the West Wing if you know someone that works there. The normal tours are only for the East Wing. So on a beautiful, slightly sunny Saturday morning I woke up, I shaved my legs, I blow dried my hair, I took my sweet ol' time, strolling down the staircase, stroking the rail, ready to go to the White House. Then as we were almost to the check point to go in for the tour, I realized, oops, I forgot my ID. "NO WAYS," said Alex. "You're kidding, right?" Well, unfortunately, I wasn't kidding. So I hauled booty down the road, frantically found a taxi to take me back to the house. Needless to say, I was not as neatly put together as I ran back the White House. Luckily, I made it. Just in time to panic when the Security Guard asked for my ID. Oh, ok. 
The tour was really really cool. Obama was not there. He and Michelle were spending our tax payer money,  using finite fossil fuels
, flying to New York in the Marine One for a "date night." Well, this actually worked to my benefit, because if he had been there, we wouldn't have been able to see inside the Oval Office. It was smaller than I thought. Apparently in all the photos of it, they use wide angle lenses to make it look bigger. Cheapskates. No, it was a great size. Perfect for an offi
ce. And on the table there was a bowl full of fuji apples, cause they're Obama's favorite. Mine too! What are the chances?! We also got to see the inside of the Situation Room because two men were walking out of it as we were walking by. All I saw was a series of digital world clocks - Badghad 14:00 hours, Tehran ...can't remember the time. I actually made up the 1400 hours - but you get the idea. The lawns/gardens were nice, although Mimis rose garden is far more impressive. Sorry Michelle. :) We weren't allowed to take photos inside,  but we could outside, so here are some pics of us. Oh, and we could take pictures in the press briefing room - so we did. 


Karen said...

enjoyed your story, noelle. you look good, too. i'll tell mimi that you love her rose garden. christian comes on tuesday and "deadheads" them after his piano lesson. thank you for a little vicarious excitement today.

sienna said...

wow. that is so totally legit. you are like the coolest person i know right now. good job. i am jealous. it makes me want to watch the show, the west wing now so i can pretend like i am cool too. glad you made it back in time to get your ID also. hectic. looks like you are having fun. can't wait to see you at the end of the summer and hear all your stories in person.

mariah said...

man i just typed something and it didn't work. so i'll try to remember what i said the first time. it was something like this: "awesome noelle! nice imagery, i totally imagined you coming down the stairs, slightly absentmindedly (i didn't put taht the first time)... that was hilarious :) i too am glad you made it back in time. i'm sorry i called you to get your mom's attention and then never called you back. i will, i promise." with the quotes it feels much less personal but i hate it when i have to type the same thing twice without telling... it feels creepy for some reason. ANYWAY, hopefully you'll get a call from me soon!
love, m-cat

Mariko said...

So when are you running for office? I hope you'll be a dem, 'cause I don't like my presidents any other way, apparently.

Mariko said...

OH. And that is like totally my favorite apple TOO!
We are so in-sync. Not like the band, like the meaning before they were cool and then not cool and then only one of them was cool.

emily said...

wow that's awesome. congrats. way to be a happenin' dcist ;)