Saturday, June 6, 2009

50 years ago today!

Natalie and David celebrated their anniversary 2 weeks ago, but today is the actual day. I was just finishing kindergarten and was very honored to wear a matching flower girl dress with Pam and serve cake. My kindergarten teacher came, because our dad was her boss. Here are a couple pictures from the weekend. There was a paid photographer taking the group shot. Natalie was thinking it didn't seem possible that they had been married for 50 years until she saw all 0f their kids and grandkids in one place. For more story and pictures see Kirsti's and Melonie's blogs.


kirsti said...

We had so much fun!! Thanks for the great pictures Karen, it was really great to catch up with you after all these years!

noelle said...

everyone looks great! especially mimi :)

sienna said...

fun to see all the bouchers in one place. everyone is all grown up, too. and happy anniversary to nan and dave!