Saturday, June 13, 2009

Otsuji Farm

I picked up this box from Otsuji Farm in Hawaii Kai today. They were happy to learn of my connection with Adam, and that I had met Jonas.

$10 for: 2 huge bok choi, 1 choi sum, 2 heads of lettuce, 2 daikon (w/leaves), humongous batch of green onion.

I added $9.50 for 3 beets w/greens, a HUGE batch of Kale (at least 10 leaves), a bag of tomatoes, a bunch of cilantro.

I love farms.

Now I'm roasting beets (for a chocolate cake), marinating kale, and prepping veggies for a Vietnamese meatball dumpling soup this afternoon, and I still have a fridge stuffed with greens.

Any ideas?


Damaris said...


I want a nice homemade dinner so bad. I just don't want to make it. I'm becoming such a lazy cook.

david a bouchers said...

My mouth is watering just looking at all this yummy food! I wish I knew about this place when I lived there! How did the beet/chocolate cake turn out? I'd love the to share?

Mariko said...

The beet cake recipe is from Deceptively Delicious and is... well.... it tastes fine. You can't taste the beets as long as it's cool, but when it's warm, and you know there are beets in there, then it's not as good. I kind of think that if you just put 1/2 C beet puree in a chocolate cake mix it would come out better. This recipe was kind of "low fat" so I think it wasn't chocolatey enough.
The soup turned out WAY better, and I put that up on my cooking blog.