Friday, June 12, 2009


I graduated today! I have to do some editing on one of my radio segments still (blah!). But I am in fact officially a Master. We just found out that Christian got his MA in Anthropology this year too. So he's a double Master. We're a triple Master household making under poverty level income.

They have a special graduation for students with kids. It's short, kids can run around, and it's... SHORT! It was actually really cool to see all the different parents getting their diploma with their kids. Doing school and being a parent is a whole different ball game. I'm still wondering what I did with all the FREE time I had as an undergraduate. Oh yeah...I was chatting on MSN with Christian.

We don't have any of our certificates framed and hung up on our walls. But I think I'm going to frame the one Enzo got today. He's been a good sport having both parents in school full time and having to take the bus with us a million times a day as we trade him off to each other.

He got a Graduate Banana Slug too! Juliah also graduated with her daddy.
We also had our thesis exhibition today. We pretty much moved our whole living room into an art room on campus to create a listening room where we played our radio pieces. I only have bad pictures. Here's one of them
It was actually really nice and cozy and I was very happy with how it turned out. Below is my partner in crime, Briana. She's the other audio student. She's a wonderful friend and a wonderful producer. For now I won't miss being a student but I'm really going to miss my cohort and all the friends I've made along the way.


Travis said...

Congrats to you both!

noelle said...

Good job! Looks like it was nice. If I was at Stanford it would have been fun to come down! Will you still be in Santa Cruz in the fall? I need to visit you guys!

Damaris said...

we'll be here until summer of '10
It will be nice to have you visit.

Mariko said...

Christian will be done in a year?
I didn't know it was that fast.

Triple masters! That's pretty amazing. Congratulations! If you got your official status, who's to stop you from quitting your project?

Damaris said...

Christian has 5 years left. we'll be here for a year and then a year out in the field and than back to santa cruz for dissertation writing. we have a long ways to go.

david a bouchers said...

Congratuations Damaris!!! You are amazing. Thanks for the inspiration. I love how they did a special graduation for parents, what a perfect idea!

sienna said...

congrats! that's awesome. i'm so proud of you guys. you totally deserve a break after all your hard work.

Pamela Palmer said...

sorry i missed it. congratulations. glad i get to see you soon. (kaity and danny will drop me off on the 27th or 28th.)

Karen said...

woohoo! love you!