Saturday, March 7, 2009

Real Baby Love

So much fun baby talk going around on this blog I decided to post some pics of a real baby. This week I got to meet and take some pictures of my close friend's new baby girl, baby Mila. Some of you may know Ana Paula but most of you don't. Regardless her baby is beautiful and Mila made me forget my nausea. It's been really hard to enjoy this pregnancy. It happened a month after my miscarriage and this whole time I've been really scared that something bad would happen again. Yesterday was my 13 week appointment. All is well, the baby's heart beat is very strong and I have already starter to feel some flutter in there. Seeing Mila and being able to hear my own baby's heart beat has been a very healing process for me in coming to terms with the fact that I had no control over my last miscarriage. Life is just rare and and I'm really getting excited about the little life that's generating inside of me right now.


Karen said...

Lovely post. Bless your heart, da.

sienna said...

what a beautiful baby! great pictures!