Saturday, March 7, 2009


Whenever I say Pete's name, it must be in all caps, and it must be followed by exclamation points. And I don't use exclamation points lightly.

It was Pete's birthday yesterday, but if anyone knows me, they know I do everything LATE. Which is exactly why I am such a hypocrite.
But anyway.

If you don't know Pete (you should) he's Bekah's brother and was our roomate at the old Adam compound.
I stole these pictures from Pete's facebook profile, and hopefully he won't mind.

This is Pete's old driver's license picture. As you can see from the picture, Pete is awesome.

This is a picture Pete found when he googled himself. He says that it's a logo for a Japanese store or something. He said it's exactly like how Homer found out that he was a Japanese caricature for a product label.
And this is Pete more recently. I'm kind of bummed that Amaya hasn't experienced Pete the Uncle. He definitely needs to get his butt to Hawaii soon.
Happy Birthday (yesterday) PETE!!! Pete and I are so in tune in our tastes, so it is really fun to hang out with him and he is super easy to get along with. I'm having Pete withdrawal. I know he'd be loving the bananagrams marathons we've been having over here lately. Hopefully this librarian thing will take him somewhere a little more accessible than Southern Oregon.


Pete said...

Hahaha .. you're the best, Mariko! I agree with us being in tune with our tastes. I've also gotten into Flight of the Conchords, since we've got a free HBO trial. I'm expecting the first season from Amazon this coming week. Oh, and I didn't even realize that I was part Vegan, until you posted about Oreos! I'd love to come back to Hawaii soon, and for longer than a visit. Of course, ever since I found out that Bruce Campbell is an Oregonian, I haven't been quite as eager to leave! Shop smart! Shop S-Mart!

Kaity said...

Happy Birthday Pete!

Damaris said...

Pete is such a nice guy. He rescued my wedding cake. he brought me my first piece of Chocolate Haupia pie.

happy birthday pete!

kay said...

I agree. Pete's a good guy and I'm glad he's my son. For everyone's information, I made Grandma Day's carrot cake for his birthday cake.

Mariko said...

PETE!!! Jake wanted me to tell you that Bruce was on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and it was great. You'll have to check it out. I can't believe you're only just seeing FOTC now! I guess I dropped the ball on that one. You can watch all the episodes on (if they haven't been removed).
Kay: I approve. Good work. :)

Yesenia said...


Happy belated birthday! I hope it was an amazing one. Pete has always been so nice to me, and always makes us laugh. We miss having you here, Pete, so I think you should come!

noelle said...

i have so many great memories with pete. thanks for being so fun and for spending time with us. happy birthday!