Thursday, January 22, 2009

tenney and snow

i didn't get many photos since we were in new york so short. here are a few.

tenney was sort of sick, but happy to still be able to work on his computer.

enoch making a good lunch as a good host.

it snowed all morning.


Damaris said...

their table doesn't seem so big now that they have a big place.

Tenney is so delicious. Yum!

Kaity said...

Good Job Sister! I always love your pictures. Tenney is so cute. I love how his hands still look like baby hands even though he is getting big. I like their house.

adam said...


adam said...


adam said...

mad photo skillz and mad computer hacking skills (tenney)

noelle said...

tenney is adorable. i love his face in the first one. looks really cold, but beautiful too.