Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some more pics from Debi

This is an e-mail I received from Debi (Enoch's old girlfriend) yesterday

Hey Santa Cruz Palmer types,
Had myself a New Year's clean out and came to a box of stuff I saved from 1991. Found a "World" Sienna made when she was 6, and a note she gave me. Pics of everyone on a Sunday and a few disco ones Adam would love to see published to the world I am sure. I think the pic with e is at a dance on a ship. NOT SURE HOW TO GET THESE TO EVERYONE AND HOPE YOU WILL TRY AND THUS VALIDATE ALL THE SILLY BOXES IN MY STOREROOM. Love the little Sienna findings mostly and hope she gets them. I NEVER check my gmail account, but am here at this address or on my blog at
enjoy the pics.

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sienna said...

love it. i was such a great speller.