Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So we are so lucky to be here, thanks to Emily and Ben and Ben's family and Ben's friend Kevin for giving us his extra tickets. We woke up at 5am to take a bus to the mall. Ben's mom and sister knitted matching red hats with blue and white pom-poms for all of us. They were very cute and they really helped us to keep track of each other. Our tickets were split up in three sections, we were the farthest away, but we still liked feeling the spirit. I could not see a single thing, but I could hear it and definitely could feel the cold winter air. It was a beautiful speech and it was crazy to see all of the crowds and people. Despite huge crowds and long lines, people were very considerate and happy to be a part of something so special. I heard on the news that there were two million people there, which is probably why you never saw us, but we were there, here are a few pictures to prove it. Tony took most of the pictures this trip, since I was too cold and overwhelmed by all the people. 

Our only celeb-siting was seeing President Uchtdorf after the ceremony. Tony tapped him on the shoulder and asked him how he liked the inauguration. He said he liked it and shook our hands. Luckily he wasn't surrounded by crowds since no one knew who he was except us. (Not like when we saw him at Nauvoo and people were following him around.). 

early morning. 

this is with our new wide angle lens. i was sitting on tony's shoulders. it was crazy how many people were there. 


noelle said...

looks amazing! i loved watching it live. we talked about it in my classes afterwards and it was neat to hear people's thoughts. i love the beanies. that was a great idea. i want to see more pics! :)

ali said...

sienna- come over and visit us...we live 20 minutes from DC. 808-222-7328

Karen said...

so special. thank you sienna for coming through.

Linds said...

So exciting to have been there. I got goosepimples watching it on the telly. I bet the ambiance was just electric! Thanks for sharing with us.

also think the beanies were a great idea :)

Damaris said...

I knew you'd come through with great pics. Those beanies rock. I want one oh wait it's super hot here so I probably won't need it.

I'm glad you guys got to go. How awesome to see so many people and hear everyone excited.

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