Monday, January 19, 2009

It's almost here (and almost over)

The Bush era is almost over and for someone who listens to Democracy Now every morning where I get to hear sound bites of absurd things he says and then proceed to yell back at the radio, this is going to be fabulous for my emotional well being. (was that a super long run on sentence?)

So, I honestly had fantasies of going to the inaguration but I guess the good luck fairy decided to favor Sienna and Tony instead. (I am super happy for you guys btw)

On Tuesday I will be on the other side of the country smiling my face off celebrating the presidential inauguration of MR. BARACK OBAMA (whoot, whoot). Every time I say his name it comes out in a super high pitched voice because I'm so excited I can't help but squeal in delight.

On Tuesday Morning we are hosting a presidential breakfast at our place and projecting the inauguration on the wall. At night we are SO going to an inaugural ball that is being held here at school. I get a new president and I get to wear a fancy dress all in one day?! SWEET!!!

What are your plans for the big day?

I saw this on the NY Times and think you should take a look. Meet Obama's people.

As for our family...
we haven't taken many pictures since we've been back b/c there is really nothing to take pictures of hence this long post without any pictures (everybody's favorite).

I am having the hardest semester of my life. It doesn't help that I am exhausted and have started sleeping in my classes. It also doesn't help that I am TAing a class about the Middle Ages, have 60 students, and know NOTHING about the subject. I am also completely demoralized trying to sort of kind of not really do my thesis. Remind me in a couple years when I apply for a PhD  program what I just said.

Christian is fabulously staying healthy while Enzo and I remain sick. He has the easiest TAship in the history if TAships and he likes to remind me of this on a daily basis.

Enzo is talking up a storm. He woke up yesterday cracking up. He was laughing hysterically because he said that in his head when he was sleeping he saw ducks jumping on a trampoline. I thought it was pretty funny and decided to take him to go see some ducks at the pond. He was super unhappy with them just being ducks and not jumping on a trampoline. He's obsessed with the color pink. He wants to wear pink every day but doesn't really own any pink things. To make up for the lack of pink around the house I made him a huge batch of pink play-do which he is super excited about and likes to use the heart shaped cookie cutter to cut hearts with. I think he'll really be into Valentine's day this year.

I was going to only write about the Obama thing but since I haven't blogged in a while I decided to give you the low down on the fam.

sorry for the super long post. I promise to put up some pictures next time.


Tony said...

sorry Da. We are pretty excited for tomorrow. we definitely feel very lucky that everything had worked out so well, eventhough it's been quite the trip. We walked around the district today and people were going crazy for Obama. i'll have to post more after tomorrow.

sienna (not tony)

Damaris said...

since you take such awesome pictures I get to be happy that you're there. Enjoy!

noelle said...

that dream sounds hilarious. i've always wondered what kinds of things babies dream about and now i know! well, he's not technically a baby, but still. that's so cute. i wish i could come to your inauguration party. i'm going to try to watch it on my laptop but i have to go to class right in the middle of it, so i might have to watch it later online. i am so excited! (and super jealous of sienna and tony.)

Pamela Palmer said...

i kept tearing up as i watched it on the computer this morning. loved the song--that's the one i sang to kaity pretty much nonstop the night after she was born (and we were both too excited to sleep). i like obama's idealism. hope he can stick to the ideals in spite of inevitable necessity of compromises. your inaugural dance will probably be as fun as any of the ones in washington. (maybe more) good thing christian has an easy taship to give him more time to support you in yours. love the ducky dream. don't apologize for writing long. we love it.

Jesse said...

We all watched it too. It was pretty cool to see all the people there. I kept looking for Sienna and Tony, but no luck. (Where were you guys?) I have not been this excited and hopeful about politics for a really long time. He talked about some tough decisions to be made, and I think he's right. When we were in Sacramento, it was fun to talk to Mimi about it. She said she remembered how some had tried to say that Roosevelt wasn't eligible to run for president in the 30's because he'd been born on an island between the US and Canada, but part of the US. (This was when some people were trying to say something similar about Obama.) Anyway, she remembers it because she was there. I think its cool to have such a long term perspective.

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