Saturday, January 31, 2009

Monterey Aquarium

Christian is living it up in Tahoe, snowboarding with the YM for the weekend. Enzo and I took a day trip out to Monterey and it was amazing. The Monterey Aquarium is out of this world, especially when you have friends who can lend you guest passes so you can go for free (score!).

My favorite exhibit were the Jelly fish. I was mesmerized with all the colors and movements. It felt like I was watching an underwater ballet.

I've been a pretty uneventful mom these last couple weeks so I really just wanted to go with Enzo's timing. This meant not seeing a lot of grown upish exhibits. He was totally freaked out by the sharks, for example.

This resulted in a lot of time spent at the kiddie areas such as this slide. He was stoked to find this seahorse costume. About a week ago I showed him a picture of an embryo and he was really excited and said "Woah, a seahorse" so today when he found the costume he wanted to wear it the whole time.

(pic of the the outside of the aquarium)

We also found a train car and a caboose that we could play in which is an automatic bonus.

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sienna said...

so cute. i am glad you guys are having fun while christian is having fun too. he is a cute sea horse.