Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Birthday To You!

You are a fabulous partner in crime. Happy Birthday my sweet Christian.


Grimsmans said...

Happy Birthday Christian! I love the photo of you three....what a beautiful family you are. I always remember your birthdays as you were the first twins born in that year and being so small and fragile. As the looks of the jump off the cliff with Enzo there is nothing fragile about you brave and tough! I got to see Jesse and Becca a few days before the bithday and gave him his present then....I let him womp me in settlers....JK...I totally tried to beat him and Becca and I had not a chance in the end! It was fun and I hope to give you your birthday present soon...a challenging game of settlers! Hope your day was as special as you.

Love, Tricia and Family

Mariko said...

Christian, happy birthday. I'm sad you guys are gone (even sadder you won't be around to help me in the kitchen!).
I must say Happy Birthday to Jesse, too, even though this is your post. You have to share everything, you know. I couldn't get anyone to play The Train Game with me after you left, so I hope that's a good enough reason to come back.

Karen said...

Happy 31st, Christian!

ali said...

Happy Birthday Christian and Jesse!


J said...

Happy Birthday, Christian!

Hope all is well. It's great to see pictures of your little family.

All the best,
Jason Barrett

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