Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh Hawaii...

"Enzo likey a jumpy rock"

In 2 days we leave this fun place and I am sad. Enzo doesn't really speak English to me so it's pretty fun being here and watching him interact with all his cousins in English. He has a hilarious accent that sounds like Italian much more than Portuguese. He's been going around saying "Enzo likey a jelly a beans"

It's been fun seeing all the kiddies or as Minami would say "We are not Kitties we are kids"
They all crack me up and completely warm my heart. Tenney, the tech baby whiz, was watching a DVD when Ada hit her leg on his chair. I thought he was going to be mad at her for moving his chair but instead he got down from his seat and kissed her leg and went back to his movie.

I was amazed at how well the kids all play together and enjoy each other. We did have some crusty behavior when Enzo got diarrhea and then Tenney and then Amaya. Adam said "with all these cute babies around all you want to do is kiss them and then you end up getting diarrhea from them." So now all the adults are getting the runs...yuck!!!

Hawaii has been eventful with all the rain not to mention the various black outs we've had including Saturday where the entire island was in the dark over night. Hawaii has also been wonderful with lots of tender moments and good fun. Today was the first day I took pictures. You get kind of lazy when you have Adam, Sienna, and Enoch around to take pictures with their nice camera.

Enzo has been ecstatic being here playing with all his cousins, swimming at the Turtle Bay pools, jumping on the trampoline, and jumping off waimea rock. Check out how he opens his arms when he jumps I think he'll be begging to come back very soon.


Karen said...

heartwarming stories. blessings to you on your journey home.

Tailee said...

I miss you guys! I wish I was there too!

Damaris said...

yesterday at waimea Minami said "I miss Tailee she is the bestest person"

I wish you were here too!!!

jaredandmatisse said...

Incredible! I get goose bumps looking at that little body soaring through the air. It reminds me of how mighty and fragile we as humans are.

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