Sunday, October 19, 2008

For Mariko

Because you love Halloween and because you love a certain little girl here is a picture you can enjoy on your birthday.

I wish I didn't like you so much. It would make living far away from you a lot easier. I am so grateful for your friendship and am really looking forward to seeing you in less than 2 months so that I can go to the movies again, go out to eat, and have someone who does not mind my over sharing.

I love you and your wonderful mature, fun loving, This American Life listening, foodie self.
xoxo Da

1 comment:

Mariko said...

I really appreciate the birthday posts. Especially the stuff of Amaya! I can't believe how different she looks. Makes me wish I'd done more documentation.
Yes, I broke my diet. I've probably gained back all the weight in one night. Pumpkin cookies can attest to that. Yum.