Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yellow Boots

I was hoping the yellow boots wouldn't come with us to Hawaii but they did and Enzo wants to wear hem all the time even though it's deathly hot. I have the unconditional motherly love thing going but when he wears his boots all day and even after a shower his feet are sweaty and stinky I seem to love him a tiny bit less. It probaby has to do with the fact that I'm sleeping with the said stinky feet and I'm not very nice when I'm tiered and the aroma of sweaty feet keep me awake. Today I was able to convince him, for a moment, to not wear his boots. As you can see form the picture above he was o.k with it as long as the boots went everywhere he went.

My best friend from college, Buffy, told me that she wore a space suit every day of third grade. I'm thinking these boots are going to be one of those things. Pretty soon I'm going to have to cut the font off so his toes won't be squished. Maybe then it'll get ventilation.

When you were a kid did you have any article of clothing that you jsut couldn't part with? Do tell so that I can be amused and also convinced that this obsession is totally normal.

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